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Stavolt Motor Matsugawa 500VA
Stavolt Motor Matsugawa 500VA a voltage stabilizer which has a better system than the voltage stabilizer usual , because in addition to already equipped with Soft Start ( to reduce electrical load when starting ) , Stavolt Motor Matsugawa 500VA also been using System Motor Servo Regulator / Electric propulsion motor . This system uses a toroidal coil which increase and decrease the input voltage can be very smooth and stable , and the output voltage is also likely to be more accurate ( closer to 220V ) than usual voltage stabilizer which only uses Relay .
  • Brand Matsugawa
  • Kondisi Baru
  • Input Tegangan 50V 130V / 160V 240V
  • Output Tegangan 110V dan 220V
  • Kualitas High Quality & Performance