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Hikvision DS-6600HFHI (/L)
Developed on the basis of Linux operating system, DS-6600 HFHI(/L) Series HD Audio/Video Encoder Server adopts the standard H.264 encoding method and features high compatibility. It supports multiple network transmission protocols and applies the code downloaded in FLASH, ensuring high stability and reliability of system running.DS-6600HFHI(/L) provides HD-SDI/FC/HDMI/VGA/YPbPrvideo input interfaces and supports real-time encoding at up to 1920 ×1080 resolution. It can be widely applied to the high-definition video surveillance systems
  • Support H.264 encoding standard at PS and RTP customized encapsulation formats, of which RTP stream is used for transmission via network and PS stream for recording;
  • HD-SDI/FC/HDMI/VGA/YPbPrvideo input;
  • Encoding video at up to 1080P resolution;
  • Dual-stream encoding;
  • Either video & audio streams encoding or video-onlyencoding; audio and video synchronization during compositestreams encoding;