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UBNT Power Beam 5AC 27dBi Radome Wireless 158mW
Baru Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 AC (Juga dikenal sebagai NanoBeam M5) 27dBi memiliki kompak, all-in-satu desain dengan lebar balok seragam, jejak efisien dan prosesor yang lebih cepat. The PowerBeam dapat dengan mudah dipasang di berbagai cara berkat desain mekanik inovatif.
  • The PowerBeam directs RF energy in a tighter beamwidth. With the focus in one direction, the PowerBeam blocks or spatially filters out noise, so noise immunity is improved. This feature is especially important in an area crowded with other RF signals of the same or similar frequency.
  • All-in-one design The PowerBeam provides both the radio and antenna in the smallest possible footprint.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • airMAX M series Technology provides performance improvements in latency, throughput, & scalability compared to other outdoor systems in its class.
  • Powered by Ubiquiti's powerful airOS loaded with features and optimizations for outdoor wireless performance, Ubiquiti's airMAX platform also features airView Spectrum Analysis and airControl central device management.
  • Ubiquiti's Antenna R&D team applied their years of experience in cellular basestation antenna design in developing the revolutionary airMAX.
  • The PowerBeamâ„¢ PBE-5AC-500 includes a protective radome to shield the radio from the elements. The PBE-RAD-400 is an optional accessory available for the PBE-M2-400 and PBE-M5-400.