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UBNT NSM5 CPE Wireless 500mW
Sejauh ini Nanostation telah berhasil mengkonsolidasikan sebagai CPE pertama di luar dunia untuk biaya rendah dan kinerja tinggi. The NanoStation baru M dan NanoStation Loco M memiliki konsep yang sama seperti aslinya tetapi telah didesain ulang dan beradaptasi dengan tren desain baru dan online sekarang lebih halus dan elegan. Over 150Mpbs actual performance and greater than 15km reach. Thanks to the 2x2 MIMO technology using the new NanoStation M, the links are significantly faster and to a greater distance than traditional NanoStation. The new dual polarity antennas 16dBi 5GHz are designed to optimize the isolation of polarity in a compact manner with the "cross-polarity isolation". It has a second Ethernet port with possibility of one software enabled POE output for seamless IP Video integration. The new NanoStation M provides the necessary for it to be reset remotely from power supply hardware. Addition, any NanoStation can easily become 802.3af and operate at 48V using Instant 802.3af adapter.